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When showing up shows you care

For your employees, having a child, be it their first or fourth, is always an amazing and life-changing event. Your employee may feel daunted or excited about the prospect of having a baby, leaving their job to go on parental leave, returning to work, or a combination of all of these things.

Put their mind at ease by helping them understand how parental leave programs work.

When you make it easy for parents to stay in touch, keep their skills up-to-date while ‘offline’, and plan their return to work program with ease, you nurture loyalty and engagement. That all starts with choice.

Providing choice and control throughout the transition to parental leave and the return to work can help ensure the best possible experience for your people - and enhance your employer brand.

“Providing the right support for your employee during this time is crucial not only for your employee but also for the organisation. The support you will need to provide will be critical from the moment they announce their news - to the moment they return to the office.”

- Sandy Hutchison

Founder and CEO, Career Money Life

Career Money Life's difference

Taking parental leave and confidently preparing for the return to work is a life-changing event for the primary caregiver. They’ll be looking to you for support, guidance and reassurance along the way. But each person’s experience will be unique to another.

That’s why our parental leave programs are completely customisable.

We make parental leave programs easy for you and your employees. You’re both in control of your experience.

Meaning, parents can easily create a personalised support service to meet their needs and circumstances throughout their entire parental leave and return to work programs.

When you work with one of Australia and New Zealand’s best career experience and parental leave support providers, you’ll access an incredible range of contemporary support, services and resources, including:


Services for parents on many aspects of childcare and parenting


Services, support and tools for parents on parental leave to help plan and prepare for their return to work


Services to support your well being through pregnancy and birth


Services to support parents of newborn babies with sleep, first aid, advice and more


Advice and services for improving health and managing weight through changes in diet, nutrition and behaviour towards eating.


A complete assessment of health and fitness, and all potential health risks plus advice and support to assist you


A set of techniques and programs designed to help deal more effectively with stress


Programs in yoga, pilates and meditation that assist in overall well-being of mind and body as well as managing stress


Services to help you learn, understand, plan and manage your financial circumstances


Services to support physical and mental well being through stress reduction and relaxation.


Training programs to help managers understand, discuss and arrange for an efficient parental transition


A plethora of informative content, checklists, and e-books for employees regarding their parental leave

How does it work for HR?


with the Career Money life team about the services you'd like to offer


your program, including services, time frame and investment and personalised dashboards for your Employees


employees via custom invite, onboarding process, simple interface and decision support tools


Access ‘anytime data’ on key employee engagement analytics utilised, and feedback reviews

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Yes! Our USP is empowering people with choice. We understand that every individual's career transition experience is different which is why we offer you and your employees the ability to fully customise programs to meet your needs. You have complete choice and control from the beginning - from creating a custom branded platform, choosing the amount of credit you wish to allocate and the services you want to offer, up to the reporting you want to receive.

Our parental leave programs include return to work coaching, career coaching and financial coaching support for parents on parental leave, to help them plan and prepare for a smooth and successful return to work.

Yes, we can help you onboard your employees with support at every step, or if preferred, we can take care of the entire onboarding process for you.

Yes! You can choose the type of services you would like to provide your employees. Our range of services provide Career, Money and Life support: With our marketplace of over 650+ suppliers, your employees can choose the provider and type of service (whether online, face-to-face or virtual) that suits them best.

Our elegant platform has been built for simplicity and ease. In addition to the support information on the site and instruction emails from us, we have a dedicated support team ready to assist you, every step of the way.

Our platform makes it easy for you to set up and manage programs, access data at your fingertips and see real time employee feedback. This includes employee service review data, NPS ratings of your brand and satisfaction measures, and regular ongoing reporting and account management.

We invest a significant amount of time handpicking, researching and qualifying the top suppliers in their fields. We undertake a comprehensive due diligence check on every supplier we onboard, ensuring their academic and professional credentials are valid, and we assess their client’s reviews, online feedback, previous work and their business insurances on an ongoing basis.

How can you as HR empathetically and efficiently manage your employees returning to work?

Here is a handy checklist, with all the steps you would need to consider to manage returning to work employees - before, during and after parental leave.

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