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Managing redundancies, transitioning employees into retirement, managing parental leaves and other critical moments in an employee’s experience with can be difficult. We make it easy for you to support your people better, partner with us for an innovative solution that’s well-rounded, personalised and different, on purpose.

Here are a few stories from people we’ve helped build their careers, transition into new roles and conquer their next big opportunities.

Lewis' Upskilling Success

After having spent nearly two decades as a long haul captain with a major airline, Lewis’ role had been made redundant in 2020. He was interested in exploring and identifying new industries for a change in his career, so he booked a session with one of our coaches. He was looking for some guidance and direction as to what industries would match his skill sets and experience.

Lewis soon learnt that as a captain, he’d had to manage relationships, handle stressful and risky situations and often successfully managed the trust and security that customers would place in his hands. Lewis' career coach guided him to consider that the financial planning industry may value such expertise - to handle client relationships and manage risk in a trustworthy manner. He identified gaps in his learning and took up a training course in investment and asset management.

Quite a shift, yes?

But this new perspective led Lewis to find his interests in the field of financial planning and wealth management and he's now working as an adviser with Scholten, Collins and McKissock.

Over The Clouds To Under The Ground - Upskilling And Career Change

The Challenge

Sam was working in the aviation industry, and had been with the same company for over 13 years. Due to COVID-19, his role was made redundant. At this point, Sam decided he wanted a complete career change and wanted to move away from the industry entirely. He knew he wanted to explore, but didn’t know where he would go and how he could get there.

Our Solution


Since Sam did not have a particular industry in mind, he took our 15-minute assessment tool with TalentIdentify and received a complete assessment of his personal strengths, personality type, culture fits and people skills.


Career Money Life's assessment tool of choice is TalentIdentify, one of the most contemporary tools in the market that offers all four types of people insights in one simple 15-minute assessment. We pride ourselves on high quality partnerships and suppliers.

The Impact

Sam and his career coach researched who was interviewing him, prepared an elevator pitch, and practiced 50 behavioural questions for the interview. Two interviews later, he landed the role.

Sam went from Aviation to Mining in a matter of a few days and did so because of his curiosity and interest to learn and upskill, capitalising on all the tools and support he had at his fingertips with Career, Money, Life. He had everything he needed, he just had to show up, participate, and take the journey step by step.

“I was recently made redundant from a job I had for 13 years, and Career Money Life helped me with a lot of career guidance, a new resume, LinkedIn, and interview prep. Would highly recommend their services to anyone. Thanks again, Career Money Life for giving me the chance and help I needed to change my life around.“

Testimonial by Sam

From Flights to Figurines -
A Career Change Story

The Challenge

Mark was a senior pilot with a major airline. He’d been flying for over 10 years, loving the job that allowed him to travel and command large aircrafts. However, devastatingly, his dream job came to an end in April 2020 when it was made redundant. Mark felt bewildered and uncertain of which career direction to follow, as the entire aviation industry was under duress.

Our Solution


Mark wanted to get a clearer idea about his various options, so he used our “My Next Steps” tool to understand which career transition pathways were available to him.


Our interactive self paced tools help gain clarity and direction, at any time, with a few simple clicks.

The Impact

Mark never imagined he would go from flying an aircraft to delicately creating sculptures and figurines - all whilst having a successful new business. It was a huge transition to make, requiring courage, guidance and support to be able to make that leap of faith. He is loving the experience of owning a business and the freedom and flexibility it has allowed him to have.

“I had a few very left field ideas on where to go next in life. Career Money Life helped me get to the centre of each thought I had and find something in common with them all. They took me down a fantastic path that, although it involved a massive change in gears, resulted in something that makes me happy. My coach was fantastic. She takes the time to fully understand my professional and personal past, current situation, and future desires. She is super fast with communicating and is so flexible in working around your situations. I would not have gotten to this stage without this guidance. I highly recommend Career Money Life and their services.“

Testimonial by Mark

Personal and Career Transformation -
Successful Career Transition

The Challenge

Meet Sarah. Sarah was working as an Emergency Claims Assistant at a large travel insurance company for several years. She was comfortable with her job despite the large amount of paperwork and emergency cases. Due to COVID-19, the company she was working for was facing a lot of financial stress, and unfortunately stood down some of their employees. Sarah’s role was made redundant, suddenly putting her out of a job after years of service. She knew she needed help figuring out her next steps and was looking for guidance and support during this difficult time.

Our Solution


Sarah had been out of the job search game for years, which meant that she had no idea how things worked! We connected her with a career coach of her choosing to help her identify her next steps.


Sarah preferred virtual coaching instead of face to face. She also had a specific budget in mind and wanted to choose someone that suited her needs. Our Marketplace allowed her to easily browse through numerous coaches and select the one she resonated with the most.

The Impact

After receiving the guidance and confidence she needed, Sarah reached out to employers in similar industries that were identified with her coach. She was successful in securing a contract working in the hotel quarantine and arrivals and approval into Australia (for travelling Australians.) She worked here for 2 months after which she found another opportunity with the Australian government that better suited her interests. She came back to us to upskill and prepare for this specific opportunity. Sarah now has a contract with the government and has been offered a role as an Authorised Officer.

“When life throws you lemons, Career Money Life helps, and guides, you to make the best lemonade you've ever tasted. Whether it be a moment of career or life crisis, or whether it be a time that you simply need to polish things up a bit, my coach helped make me shine like a diamond. With a wealth of professional and life experience to offer, she is able to mentor and motivate like no other. An investment made in Career Money Life’s services will be an investment which will reap you rewards for life. Thanks for your amazing work.“

Testimonial by Sarah

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