Helping people keep their purpose:
retirement planning that inspires.

Retirement planning is about so much more than finishing work forever. It's the beginning of the next exciting journey; an experience that should be filled with options and opportunities. Things like volunteering, becoming a board member, or even life coaching to discover passions and creative pursuits.

Most employees that retire without a plan end up feeling uprooted and lacking purpose - which can lead to negative mental and physical health outcomes.

With our identity often so entwined with our career, retirement must be supported with qualified, empathetic advice and retirement resources: lifestyle planning, financial preparedness, and connection with the next passion or purpose.

Providing choice and control throughout the transition to retirement can help ensure the best possible experience for your ageing workers - and enhances your employer brand.

“With 4 million baby boomers set to retire in the next few years, it's essential that HR managers are prepared for the transition.”

- Sandy Hutchison

Founder and CEO, Career Money Life

Our transition to retirement
services include:


Upskilling for
new challenges


Workshops &


Life Planning

Return to Work



Career Money Life's difference

We're both high tech and high touch, so your employees can access flexible and customisable training and coaching support (even if they have a disliking for computers). That's because we have more than 600 community-based suppliers across Australia and New Zealand offering both online and face-to-face retirement planning and coaching services.

We make retirement transitions easy for you and your employees. You're both in control of your experience.

Work with one of Australia and New Zealand's best transition to retirement service providers and you'll access an incredible range of contemporary support and retirement planning services and resources, including:

Transition to Retirement Coaching

Coaching and advice to help you plan and implement your goals for life after full time work

Portfolio Career and Board Appointment Services

Service for those wanting to transition from a full time role to a portfolio career.

Business Startup Coaching and Advice

Coaching and advice to aid in the planning and development of a new start up business.

Life Coaching and Mentoring Program

Services that use a variety of tools and techniques from sociology, psychology, positive adult development and career counseling to help you identify and achieve personal goals.

Wills and Estate Planning

On-demand and live webinars on job search topics

Health Improvement Programs

Multi-disciplinary programs to help achieve improvements in your health and fitness.

Investment and Superannuation Advice

Provide guidance and advice on superannuation and investment products to help achieve financial goals

Volunteering Opportunities

Services that provide you with access to volunteer roles and activities for a range of organisations at different levels.

How does it work for HR?


with the Career Money life team about the services you'd like to offer


your program, including services, time frame and investment and personalised dashboards for your Employees


employees via custom invite, onboarding process, simple interface and decision support tools


Access ‘anytime data’ on key employee engagement analytics utilised, and feedback reviews

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Yes! Our USP is empowering people with choice. We understand that every individual's career transition experience is different which is why we offer you and your employees the ability to fully customise programs to meet your needs. You have complete choice and control from the beginning - from creating a custom branded platform, choosing the amount of credit you wish to allocate and the services you want to offer, up to the reporting you want to receive.

We’ve designed a user-friendly platform and services which include both in person and online offerings. Your employee can choose from a variety of suppliers that provide online, face-to-face and virtual services. We also have a dedicated support team that can have a phone call with employees and help them navigate or purchase the services on their behalf.

Our well-rounded transition to retirement program provides holistic advice to guide employees through all the different pathways of retirement, including finding a new job, becoming a board member, starting your own business, volunteering, freelancing or having a portfolio job and more. They have all the support, resources and tools they need to explore every unique pathway.

Yes, we can help you onboard your employees with support at every step, or if preferred, we can take care of the entire onboarding process for you.

Yes! You can choose the type of services you would like to provide your employees. Our range of services provide Career, Money and Life support: With our marketplace of over 650+ suppliers, your employees can choose the provider and type of service (whether online, face-to-face or virtual) that suits them best.

Our elegant platform has been built for simplicity and ease. In addition to the support information on the site and instruction emails from us, we have a dedicated support team ready to assist you, every step of the way.

Our platform makes it easy for you to set up and manage programs, access data at your fingertips and see real time employee feedback. This includes employee service review data, NPS ratings of your brand and satisfaction measures, and regular ongoing reporting and account management.

We invest a significant amount of time handpicking, researching and qualifying the top suppliers in their fields. We undertake a comprehensive due diligence check on every supplier we onboard, ensuring their academic and professional credentials are valid, and we assess their client’s reviews, online feedback, previous work and their business insurances on an ongoing basis.

How can you as HR help your employees' retire with ease, freedom and happiness?

Start with our "HR Manager's Complete Guide to transition to retirement" that gives insight into starting, managing and celebrating the transition.

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