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Whatever challenges your people are facing, we have engaging, relevant and interactive webinars that can support them. Our Career Future Fit series, provides a roadmap to career change, offering a structure and expert support for your people during this challenging time.

Perhaps your people need support with managing their mental health, or parenting support, or you may have older workers needing some advice on how to transition to retirement, whatever the need. We can help.

Our experienced speakers provide advanced, specialised industry knowledge, advice and resources in our easy-to-access, easy-to-consume series. Your employees can just sit back, absorb, interact and act on their goals.

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Future Fit Career Webinar series

Support your employees throughout their career transitions with our Future Fit Career webinars. Our series of interactive webinars provide job seekers a roadmap to their next career move. Live and interactive, or on demand, addressing all the current job search challenges, sharing expert advice and tips to enable success in the current job market. Ensure your people are Future Fit for their next career move.

Webinars can be provided to employees for career development, during redeployment and career transition.

Future Career Fit webinar series covers:


Understand your perseonal strengths, passions and best career fits


Develop a career plan, apply strengths from CareerID in your job search


Leverage your personal brand, optimise resume and value proposition


Optimise and engage on LinkedIn, learn interview strategies, networking


Understand what future skills are needed to stay competitive in the job market

Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinars

Provide your people support when they need it most. Delivered by experienced Psychologists, Counsellors and those with Lived Experience in Mental Health we cover all the critical topics to support your people.

Our range of contemporary mental health wellbeing topics include:

  • Managing change and building Resilience
  • Thriving While Working Remotely
  • Mental Health Conversations
  • Leading in a Crisis
  • Mental Health First Aid for both Leaders and Employees
  • CALM Conversations - Leader Mental Health Conversation Webinar
  • Mindfull or Mindful
  • Leaders Managing Change

We also offer online wellbeing programs

  • Online Yoga
  • Mindfulness Programs

Parenting Webinars

Parenting has never been more challenging, with homeschooling and high levels of stress and uncertainty. Parents need to feel supported, and that they are not alone.

Our Parenting webinars provide your people practical tools, advice, support and a community to help them thrive.

Our webinar topics include:

  • Self-care for physical and mental wellbeing
  • Flexible routines: gettings things done as a family
  • S.E.E. a positive way to parent
  • Helping children manage their emotinos for a more peaceful home
  • Nurturing positivity and resilience
  • Managing screen time at home
  • Family communication: harmful versus nurturing approaches
  • Nurturing healthy self-esteem. Keeping kids happy and engaged
  • Supporting children through the Coronavirus pandemic: What parents can do

Transition to retirement webinars

Making a successful transition to retirement is not as easy as it seems. Stating early and planning is key.

Help your people get off to a good start with our interactive group webinars that address all their areas of concern.

The webinar covers:

  • Transitioning from Full Time Work
  • Alternative work options
  • Funding Retirement, including Super, Centrelink and Pensions
  • Health and wellbeing in Retirement

Also included:

  • Interactive online life planning and goal settings tools
  • One on one coaching sessions to enable people to take action with confidence

Our platform is purpose-built for you and your people. Reach out to us to have meaningful conversations around your specific needs.

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Career Money Life's difference

We’ve taken something as monotonous as webinars and turned them into an interactive, impactful journey for your employees to take. We believe in not just giving your employees a solution, but in providing a support system to help them achieve their goals.


Our Webinars are both pre-recorded and live, your employees can choose to attend either one, or both


Our live webinars are interactive and engaging with experienced speakers, live demonstrations, real-time examples and Q&A sessions


Throughout the webinar, we guide you with advice and connect you to resources that will help employees action these guidances


With our webinars, participants will be able to access an e-workbook for each of the webinars with editable worksheets and resources to support their learning.


Whatever the need you or your people have, we can build a webinar to support you, be it, financial education, healthy eating, online yoga, understanding the job market, understanding your personality types, or building change resilience.

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We have webinars that provide guidance on a range of career development aspects including Resumes, Interview Skills, Networking, Personality Types, LinkedIn and more. Webinars are packed with lots of practical tools and advice from experienced coaches from the industry.

Both! We have live webinars that are more interactive and engaging, allowing for Q&A’s and more personalised advice. But we also provide access to the recordings of webinars and on-demand webinars for employees to view at their leisure.

Our webinars are personalised and engaging because we provide real examples, showcase live demonstrations and provide a career journal to help keep employees more active and engaged. During the live webinars we also have Q&A sessions for more assistance with specific queries.

We invest a significant amount of time handpicking, researching and qualifying the top suppliers in their fields. We undertake a comprehensive due diligence check on every supplier we onboard, ensuring their academic and professional credentials are valid, and we assess their client’s reviews, online feedback, previous work and their business insurances on an ongoing basis.

Yes. Once the package is purchased, your employees can attend live webinars and view the recordings as many times as they want before their program expires.

No. Our best selling product is our career foundations program and the future fit career series. However, we also provide webinars on financial advice, retirement, and tutorials about using the platform as well.