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Employees in the current job market that do not have industry-specific skills won’t even make it to the interview stage for 80% of the jobs they apply for.

With the ever-changing job market, finding a new role than ever. With the workplace moving online, reduced spending, higher competition and market uncertainties - upskilling and training have never been more important.

We offer a different solution

We get that people are unique, and so are their circumstances and needs. Career Money Life has been built on purpose to meet the diverse and complex needs of employees so when the time comes you can be confident that we are there for them with what they need, when they need it.

Helping your staff with their resume and giving them some advice on interviewing is important, but not enough. They will need to enhance their “personal offering” by building new skills, identifying clear career goals with coaches and sharpening their job search practices.

“Our clients see the value in offering their teams choice and freedom to allocate their career investment into what they need - be it financial planning, starting a business, critical career-enhancing training or job search skills. How you take care of the people you let go is crucial for your employer brand. Empower your people with a well-rounded, practical solution with Career Money Life.”

- Sandy Hutchison

Founder and CEO, Career Money Life

With our career transition program your
employees will benefit from these services:

Upskilling Courses

E-books, suppliers and programs to help build new skills

Career Coaching

Over 150+ experienced, industry specific coaches to choose from


On-demand and live webinars on job search topics

Career Connect

Preferential access to exclusive, active recruitment campaigns from partner companies


Educating and guiding them through all pathways of career transition like retirement, entrepreneurship, freelancing etc


Access to a contemporary suite of editable templates and checklists for every step of career transition

Financial Advice

Rich insights to managing their money, planning for future, financial coaching and more

Health and Wellbeing

Managing mental and physical wellbeing with our range of counselling, yoga, and other health services

Our unique solution delivers success
to you, and your people

Read about these life-changing stories from our customers:
(Names changed for privacy)

Julie's Proactive Job Search Success

Post redundancy with a large airline company, Julie was very confused and in a difficult position. She used one of CML’s suppliers to get some guidance on her Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter. Upon booking a session with a career coach, Julie realised that her background employment was strong and that her skills were very transferrable. She talked about getting into sales and she found a role for a well-known Winemaker in Queensland. Once the two sessions were complete, she got an interview for the role and wanted some help on interview strategies to unpack all that she needed to know to get through the interview. The coach and Julie then went forward with their coaching, researched who was interviewing her, prepared an elevator pitch, and went through 50 behavioural questions for the interview. Two interviews later, she had successfully landed the role.

Testimonial by Julie

“I was lucky to find an outstanding coach who helped me land a new role in a very fast time. I was recently made redundant from a job I had for 13 years, and she helped me with a lot of career guidance, a new resume, LinkedIn, and interview prep. Would highly recommend her services to anyone. Thanks again, Career Money Life for giving me the chance to choose the support I really needed.

Sam’s upskilling and coaching success

Sam had been a pilot for years, after his role was made redundant, he decided to opt for a complete career change. He decided he wanted to explore a new industry booked in a few coaching sessions with us and quickly found that he had very valuable transferable skills that he could employ in any technical role. He found his interests in the mining industry, and through our service - Career Connect he was able to gain preferential access job opportunities at a large mining firm. In order to be successful at landing the role, he booked in another coaching session to update his LinkedIn and attended our career transition webinars. As a final but important step, he knew he had to upskill and complete a training course in safety and mining inductions to really get ahead of competition. He used his remaining credits to upskill and was successful in landing the role. He went from Aviation to Mining in a matter of a few days and did so purely because of his curiosity and interest to learn and upskill.

Testimonial by Sam

“My coach was fantastic, she takes the time to fully understand my professional and personal past, current situation, and future desires. She is super fast with communicating and is so flexible in working around your situations. I had a few very left field ideas on where to go next in life, rather than being dismissive, she took the time to get to the centre of each thought I had, found something in common with them all, and took me down a fantastic path that didn't involve a massive change in gears for my career path that I was preparing for, I would not have gotten to this stage without this guidance. I highly recommend Career Money Life and their services.

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